Our Aims

Sabeel promotes non-violence and reconciliation based on justice for all the national and faith communities of Palestine and Israel.

It campaigns for more accurate international awareness of the suffering of Palestinian Christians. Click here to find out how the violence started.

Friends of Sabeel UK works for a just and enduring peace by:

  • Supporting the ecumenical, inclusive ministry of Sabeel Jerusalem through our prayerful actions and financial resources.
  • Raising awareness in Britain of the struggle of the Palestinian people, especially the suffering of the Christian community in Palestine and Israel.
  • Promoting a just solution in the region. This must be based on:
    • Respect for international law.
    • Human rights and religious tolerance.
    • A fair sharing of natural resources.
  • Coordinating activities between friends in the UK, Palestine and Israel.

Friends of Sabeel UK is a member of International Friends of Sabeel, and works with other groups in the UK concerned with seeking a just peace for the people of Palestine and Israel.


Your financial support is important and valuable to Sabeel. We rely on you to support our work in Palestine & Israel. Please donate online.