The following items are available from Friends of Sabeel UK

FOSUK information and membership leaflet                               Free*

What can we do? (leaflet)                                                                  Free*

Facts on the Ground (booklet)                                                         £2

Cornerstone magazine – current edition                                       £2

Cornerstone magazine – previous editions                                   Free*

FOSUK Bookmark (with Sabeel Prayer on reverse)                    50p each

Loss of Land postcards                                                                      50p each

Kairos Document ‘A Moment of Truth’                                          £1

Kairos Britain ‘Time for Action’                                                       Free*

Centenary of the Balfour Declaration                                             Free*

*We do ask for donations towards postage and packing and for ‘bulk orders’.

For further enquiries or to place an order, please email us.

Book list

Recommended reading

Film list

Recommended films

Bible Studies
  • Israel/Palestine – Using the Bible Today

4 Bible Studies by Colin Chapman to accompany Kairos Britain’s Time for Action document

Click here to download

  • Lent Course: Challenging Illusions: Seeking a Just Peace

7-week Lent Course produced by Sabeel in 2004

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Cards for Sale
A Message of Love and Hope from the Face of ‘The Wall’ in Bethlehem!

Please click here for details of cards for sale from one of our members.